Captured By Dreams

Hi im Shawn 22 years old Single :D and this is my blog of things i like
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coursing through my veins

The Darkness courses through my heart and soul, I just continue to pursue my goals and dreams

You said you didn’t want to hurt my feelings, but what you don’t know is that deep down inside in the innermost part of my soul, you destroyed my hopes and dreams.

All i wanted to do was to save you, but you wouldnt allow me in your heart.

All i wanted was something like night and day. All i wanted was you.

But instead i feel like you mutilated my soul.

As the darkness courses through my veins, so does everything else that kept me self-possessed

You make me feel foolish, but i cant be angered by your decision, because maybe just maybe it was the right thing to do.

So, ill sit here and wait for you to realize that maybe you do need me in your life, so i can  protect you from the darkness, from all the evil that is hurting you.





what is this? I like it

It’s called LSD

That comment nearly had me spew coffee all over my keyboard.

This is the first visual representation of an LSD trip that is actually accurate and it’s probably not even meant to be about LSD.

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yes it is

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